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Reverse Image - A Timeless Tale from the Traveler's HOT L. Volume 3 - C.R.Downing Book Tour 2018 #6

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Elevator Speech
Reverse Image is an allegorical story combining time travel and inter-dimensional travel. A bride awakens and can’t finder her husband. The police suspect foul play… on her part! Time synchronizer Tempus is put on the case. She’s trapped in a time and place where The Deceiver rules with rules that go against all rational thinking. Who wins, and how?

This story was originally the cliff-hanger in Traveler’s HOT L - Volume 2. Based on feedback about the length of some of the stories in the books, during the revamp of that book, I pulled this out, finished it, and published it as the Volume 3 in the Traveler’s HOT L series.

The story revolves around a place where UP is DOWN, LEFT is RIGHT, and GOOD and EVIL are redefined. Called “The Rabbit Hole,” the opening to this inter-dimensional realm has been used by authors and artists for centuries.

Newlywed Art Castillo is sucked into the vortex while exploring anomaly on his morning run. Reverse Image... Hmmm. You might try using a mirror to read the text in red that's included in the quote below.

After traveling a short distance down the gentle slope, Art noticed what looked like ripples in the air just off the path. His curiosity piqued, he veered off his route to investigate. What he discovered was the opening to an oversized ground squirrel or rabbit hole. The ripples bubbled up out of the cavity. He pulled the earbuds from his ears and knelt down beside the hole.
Art waved his hand through the ripples. He felt a smallest of electric shock with each undulation of the air made contact with his hand. His curiosity now far past piqued, he leaned over the opening.
“!em hitw gnimoc er’uoY” a voice called from inside the hole.
A hand reached out and pushed against Art’s shirt. He was shocked when that push-pulled him into the opening.
“Help! Something’s !em tog” he shouted, although the last two words came out as an unintelligible whisper when his head disappeared into the cavern. Looking down, he saw what appeared to be the sky. He jerked his face upwards and saw a wild face staring back.
Art swung his fist again and again at his unknown assailant, but each punch he landed did nothing more than push the face a bit closer to him. He flailed away in frustration and somehow managed to rip a medallion loose from a chain around his attacker’s neck.
In his flailing about, the medallion flew downward from his hand. Under the reverse influence of the rippling atmosphere, it traveled away from the cavern and landed in the undergrowth along the pathway instead of falling deeper into the pit.
The ripples slowed. Art Castillo disappeared completely. When the air was still, the opening to the underground world had vanished.

This medallion contains several clues to what's going on in the story.

The medallion plays a crucial role in the search and rescue mission organized by Pater, Chronos, Eternity, and Epoch.

Rulora, time synchronizer from coordinates 1247.9 x 34.75 x 221.773, reprises her role as a helper that began in the HOT L’s first cliffhanger, Battle for the Far Planet.

The struggles are many. The frustration is overwhelming until Kaz and Art realize who The Deceiver is. By then, Tempus is near death. They begin to use Bible passages to strengthen themselves and weaken the power of their adversary.

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