Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August Print Book Sale!

All these books are on sale the ENTIRE month of August.
That's $1.00 OFF as many titles and copies as you'd like.

Good news for you:
I’m offering $1.00 off the regular price of the same titles on sale as eBooks from the CreateSpace store ALL MONTH!

Too good to be true?
The only catch is you have to click on the password under the cover on the home page at www.crdowning.com.

That click takes you to the CreateSpace store.
Enter the word you clicked on (Tempus in the photo above) as the passwordEach title has a separate password.

Select the number of copies (hint, hint) you’re ordering.
During checkout, enter YLFET4QF in the “Enter Discount Code” space. All titles use this discount code.
$1.00 will be subtracted from the cost of EVERY copy you order.

  • Although CreateSpace is part of Amazon, you cannot get his discount through Amazon. 
  • Neither can you use PRIME for shipping.

Please take advantage of this month-long offer on print copies of these three books.

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My website is: www.crdowning.com

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