Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Penultimate (probably!) Almost Final Ramblings Through Social Media – Fridays

Penultimate (probably!) Almost Final Ramblings Through Social Media – Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays

I use #FF for my specific Friday tweets on a single author.

  1. Each week I select one of the authors I follow.
  2. If I haven’t read any of her/his work, I check on Amazon for reviews of one of her/his books.

My #FF tweets always look something like:
#FF for a great #scifi read: The Cosega Sequence "Cosega is still a
dangerous word" @
BrandtLegg http://ow.ly/P3WOR@SherryFrazier

Due to the 140-character length restriction of Twitter, I’m forced to present much less enticement to read the book as I’d like. However, I always include either an abbreviated quote from one of the author’s books or a review. The link is always to Amazon’s page for that book.

If I have room—usually far from the case—I’ll attach a photo of the book cover. However, the Amazon link frequently does that. I’m not sure why that’s not 100% of the time, but…

I have received very complementary feedback from authors I have included in #FF’d. Below is an example.

Besides #FF on Fridays I include a #SciFact and an announcement of and a link to that week’s Expressions of Faith blog post.

On both Friday and Saturday I SEVERELY restrict my Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook professional presence to a single tweet, update, or status. The copy is the same in all three venues. It’s recaps my past weeks blog post and previews the blog posts in the upcoming week.

#BLOG 7/28 #writing – 7/31 - #EoF: Power 
8/3 #Almanacre: 8/3/1958 – 8/7 #EoF: Qualified Check it out!http://ow.ly/PaGp7

Next blog: Absolutely the Last Ramblings Through Social Media – For now!
In this concluding post on social media for this go around, I’ll discuss my #SciFact posts and give a update on my expanded list of lists and my use of those lists. Whew!

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