Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Final thoughts on Figures… And Kindle Previewer—a wonderful tool.

This is the final blog on my Amazon publication (CreateSpace and KindleDirect) experience.
In the blog Figuratively Speaking… Text Is Better, I gave a list of specifications that will be “best” for you if your book has figures in it. A quick review of two important ones:
  1. Make sure your illustrations are 300 dpi for the print version (CreateSpace) and 200 dpi for KindleDirect. Use Preview or another photo manipulating tool. Choose image size (or some similar option) and set the dpi value there.
  2. And, while we’re talking size 4.7 inches wide by 7 inches tall for the print book (assuming a 6x9 book size). For the ebook, expand the width to 6.5 inches—the height should automatically adjust proportionally.
A new caveat about photos: also using your photo manipulation program, make sure your color settings are rgb, if you want color, and you might as well use color in the ebook. If your photo manipulation program has a “greyscale” setting, that the best for any black/white illustrations. CreateSpace will print color photos in greyscale for text, but if your illustration is greyscale to begin with, it’s often a better final product.
And now….
The grand finale!
Besides the support for KindleDirect (both email and phone are WONDERFUL), your best friend can be Kindle Previewer. This downloadable program allows you to convert your files into a pseudo Kindle format that mimics the real deal. You can change the devices on which you’d like to read your ebook with a simple mouse click.
Always use Kindle Previewer BEFORE submitting your .htm/.html file. It will save you much time, stress, and frustration because you can fix problems without waiting for uploads, etc.
Bottom line of all the blogs in this strand, of course, is this: RIFTSA Science Fiction Thriller is available for purchase in both print and eBook (Kindle) format—and both versions look GREAT! That’s should be your goal. If it is, it IS attainable.
Next week: Ideas for Preview Language to use when describing your book to others.
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