Sunday, June 10, 2018

Study Questions on Acts Ch 1 from 6/10

My Sunday school class/Life Group is studying the book of Acts. Every Monday, I’ll post the questions we discussed the day before. I encourage you to jot your thoughts down.

On Wednesdays, I’ll post some of the comments from the class discussion.
If you’d like a PDF file of the questions, email me at

Chapter 1
List "other proof" that He [Jesus] is alive.

Is Christ's prediction for the first appearance of the Holy Spirit?

If not, when was a previous appearance?

What do Nazarenes call the "baptism of the Holy Spirit"?

Why would the disciples need the Holy Spirit?

The question in verse 6 shows that some (many?) disciples still did not "get it." What is it about this question that indicates they had missed the point of Jesus' ministry?

How does Jesus leave Earth?

Who appears? What do they say? What is significant about their words?

Why do you think there was a cloud?

When will what the angels predict come true?

We got this far this week. 

This Friday, my Expression of Faith is Acts Ch 1. Do-over.

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