Sunday, June 3, 2018

Study Questions from Acts Chapter 1. 6/3

My Sunday school class/Life Group is studying the book of Acts. Every Monday, I’ll post the questions we discussed the day before. I encourage you to jot your thoughts down.

On Wednesdays, I’ll post some of the comments from the class discussion.
If you’d like a PDF file of the questions, email me at

General Background

Look at these verses: What "section" of the book does each begin?

A Basic Outline
I.  Beginning the church in
II. Moving the church to
III. On to
IV. To

Chapter 1
What "former book" or first account?

Who is Theophilus?

What are some examples of appearances Jesus made after the resurrection?

Who saw Christ after the resurrection?
We got this far this week. 

This Friday, my Expression of Faith is Acts Ch 1. Do-over.

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