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Thoughts on Questions from Hebrews on 5/13


This is some of the discussion on the questions posted on Monday.

Chapter 13
Vv 7-17

Whose faith are you imitating? How? Why?
Leaders. Preachers.
Imitate their faith. Trusting the Lord. Consider the lives of the leaders.
To follow God's instruction.
Stay away from diverse doctrine. (See verse 9, too)
There is no place for insincere faith in God's Kingdom.

V8 might be the most significant verse in this letter. What do you think?
He never changes.
He is consistent and constant.
Christ was a new concept then--He's not going away!
Because of this, Christians are encouraged by God's promises.
It goes along with today's sermon (on the power of Pentecost)

Give some examples of “strange teachings.”
Good works are the ticket to heaven.
Humans tend to be easily distracted. Then it's easy to drift away from truth.
Strange is not equal to bad all the time.

What is v10 talking about?
Jewish Law is no longer needed.
There is no need for ongoing sacrifices.

Why was Jesus crucified OUTSIDE Jerusalem’s walls?
All animal sacrifices were taken outside the Holy of Holies to be sacrificed. Jesus, as the ultimate sacrifice, was taken outside the Holy City to die. He is the believers' sin offering.
Our sins had to be cleansed outside the city

What does v13 mean?
The death of Christ was not exclusively for Hebrews. 
By going outside with Christ, believers leave the rules and regulations [The Law] behind.

Then he said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me. Luke 9:23

We Got This Far This Week
My class will finish Hebrews next week.
Before starting the chapter by chapter study of the book of Acts, we'll be doing an overview of themes and sections of the book. The study of the book of Acts will begin the first Sunday in June. Monday discussion questions and Wednesday highlights of Sunday's discussion will continue. 
There is a PDF of the questions for Acts--see below.

How does v15 “revise” the sacrificial system?

Relate v17 to today’s political situation.

Chapter 13
Vv 18-21
What’s the author doing in these verses?

Chapter 13
Vv 22-25
These read like an afterthought. Watta you think?


List a 3-4 “takeaways” from this study. If you can’t think of any . . . go back over your notes!

If you'd like a PDF of the pages of questions in table form with room for you to write answers, CLICK HERE for the link to the first 4 pages of questions on Acts. 

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