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Thoughts on non-Hebrews study questions from 4-1

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Sunday was Easter. My class did meet, but the group was small. I made an executive decision. We talked about both sides of the the business card shown below.

We will start Hebrews 12 next Sunday.

My Sunday School Life Group is studying Hebrews. Every Monday, I post questions that were discussed the day before in Sunday School. I invite you to ponder/think about them and jot down your thoughts.

On Wednesdays, I post some of the ideas that came up in the Life Group's discussion for you to consider and compare with your thoughts.  

These questions were discussed in my Life Group yesterday. Take time to reflect on them. I'll post thoughts from the class discussion on Wednesday.

What is the purpose of this card?

  • This is a terrific example of information packing on a card of this type.
  • It provides multiple speaking points:
  • Church name
  • Service times/types
  • A broad description of the focus of this church in the mission statement.
  • Three key points of emphasis of this ministry.
  • Seek/Serve/Reach
Back of the Sunday bulletin. This is a weekly handout on Sundays. The inside pages detail special events and other points of emphasis for the coming week.

What does each part say about the vision of Mission Church of the Nazarene?
Overall - The church cares about people and their lives.
Front - People have preferences in worship times and styles.
Mission Statement - The emphasis is on Christ and the three focus points of the ministry.

Everyone knows people who aren't Christians.
The church wants to help people find salvation, a place to worship, and an area of ministry.
Services often include a salvation message and invitation.

Mission Church of the Nazarene has ministries on and off campus. These include/have included helping 

  • school children read, 
  • grieving people process their grief, 
  • people living with and after addictions, 
  • people in financial trouble,
  • military families,
  • people that need a helping hand.
  • teach all age groups.
  • enhance worship experiences by singing and/or being part of the praise bands.
  • greet attendees and help guests find what their looking for on the campus.

The church has many outreach programs.

  • Work-and-Witness teams. At least 40 teams of individuals have traveled at their own expense to areas of need in the USA, Europe, Asia, Mexico, South America, and Africa
  • For nearly 20-years, teams have gone to Tijuana or Tecate and built homes for families in conjunction with Amor ministries.
  • We help support local families with monthly food allotments. 
  • Dozens of members support the education of children of pastors around the world.
  • The day-care center is Christ-oriented.
  • Bible-based teaching is available in small groups for all age groups, from nursery-age to senior adults.
  • Life-groups meet both on and off campus at various times.
  • One pastor visiting from a large out-of-state church remarked, "If you can't find some place to serve in this church, you don't want to serve."

Hint. Think about the purpose of the church in the Kingdom of God.
This card provides key information and starting points for people to enter into a relationship with Christ and a local part of the Body of Christ.

This really is a broad overview of the discussion. 
If your church doesn't have a tool like this, you might want to share this post with a staff-member.

Here's the link to Mission Church of the Nazarene's home page.
We Got This Far This Week

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