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Thoughts on Study Questions from Act Ch 1 on 6/17

My Sunday school class/Life Group is studying the book of Acts. Monday, I posted the questions we discussed the day before. Today, I’m posting some of the comments from the class discussion.

If you’d like a PDF file of the questions, email me at crd.author@gmail.com

Chapter 1
Class began with a discussion of verse 13 and the order in which the disciples are listed. Peter and John are first because they become the first leaders of the spread of the Gospel.

Part of the Jewish requirement--a tradition--to hold a sanctioned prayer meeting was the inclusion of 10 men in good order. The list provides more than enough names.

Where did the ascension take place?
Mount of Olives
The Mount called Olivet

What is a "Sabbath Day's walk"?
1 kilometer
5/8 of a mile
3000 feet
The distance a Jew could walk from property they owned to the Temple on the Sabbath.
Originally it was the distance from the Holy of Holies to the point of the tent of the Israelites farthest from the Holy of Holies

What is significant about the men listed in v13?
They are Jesus' disciples.

How did they spend their time in the upper room? Why?
They were of one accord, of one mind (in agreement)
Devoting constantly to prayer - they wanted to be there.

Who else was present?
Women: Jesus mother and perhaps the wives of the apostles
Jesus brothers.
It is significant that men and women were together. Christianity is the only religion in which males and females are equal in the sight of the diety.

What is Peter talking about in v16?
The prophecy is found in Psalm 41:9. Jesus quotes it before His death in John 13:18.
Judas "did not get it" [Jesus purpose] until after he betrayed Jesus.

In Shakespearean plays, v18-19 would be called an aside. Why is this gory detail included here?
To illustrate a result of sin.
"Bowels gushing out" [KJV] suggests that Judas' death might have been something that caused his body to fall after some decomposition occurred. 
The term used to describe the death can refer to hanging or the taking of his own life with a sword.

The 30 pieces of silver paid to Judas is the same amount Jewish families paid to redeem their first-born sons. That amount ultimately paid for the final sacrifice required by God--JESUS' DEATH ON THE CROSS--for the salvation of humanity.

We got this far this week. 
Peter quotes from two Psalms in v20. Look at the context of these verses. What does Peter do by putting them together?

Peter proposes an election. What are the candidate qualifications? How do these qualifications provide evidence that Jesus was followed by more than "the 12 disciples"?

Who gets nominated? How many others were qualified for "election"?

How do they determine the winner? Do you ever hear of him again?

As we go through this study, keep this incident in mind. Compile evidence you discover that indicates this "winner" might not have been God's first choice for the position? If not, who was?
This Friday, my Expression of Faith is Fellowship (With Believers?)

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