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Thoughts on Hebrews Study Questions from 8/6


These are some of the ideas that came up in the Life Group's discussion from 8/6 for you to consider and compare with your thoughts.  

Make yourself comfortable, this is most likely going to be a year-long experience.

Chapter 4
Vv 14-16
Who is our High Priest? 
Jesus, the Son of God.
Why do we need one?
Intercession--The Father is too Holy to hear our petitions without an intermediary
Priests presented the sacrifices. Jesus presented Himself as THE sacrifice.

What qualifications does our High Priest have?

There are significant happenings in Judaism that come into play here.

  1. Jesus was chosen as our Sacrificial Lamb on Palm Sunday--Jews selected their Passover Lamb on the same day and brought it to their home. God brought The Lamb into His House (Temple).
  2. Only Jewish priests could offer sacrifices to God. Jesus offered Himself.
  3. There were sacrifices in the Temple every day. The first sacrifice was at the 3rd Hour (9AM)--the time Jesus was nailed to the cross. The last sacrifice was at the 9th Hour (3PM). Jesus died at the 9th hour--THE FINAL SACRIFICE EVER NEEDED.

He was tempted yet without sin. He is the Son of God. He understands our weaknesses. He passed through (ascended into) all regions of heaven. The idea of multiple "heavens" and/or "layers of heaven" was discussed. I have nothing concrete to share on this. The best I have to offer is this:
Part of Jesus' qualification as High Priest is that he is the ruler of every inch of heavenly eternity, much as the earthly High Priest was the only one with access to all the Temple, including the Holy of Holies.

Read v16. What’s the command? 

Draw near with confidence.
What’s the promise? 

We will receive mercy and grace.
When is this offer valid?

Whenever we need it.

Chapter 5
Vv 1-10

What are characteristics of human High Priests? Why can they only help others?
The idea of being called by God is the most important.

We stopped here this week.

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