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Thoughts on Hebrews Questions from June 11


This past Monday, I posted questions that were discussed the day before in my Sunday School Life GroupI encourage you to ponder/think about them and jot down your thoughts before checking what “we” said.

These questions were discussed in my Life Group Sunday. Samples of the group's "answers" are posted below each question.

Keep this in mind as we go through the study: 

"Religion" is a group responsibility to Jews but an individual responsibility to Christians.

One new thought from last week that was posted as a blog comment. I like what the Adult Bible Fellowship Study Book dated 2002 has to say: "It is clear that while there is continuity between the revelation mediated by the prophets and that reflected and refracted in Jesus, yet there is radical discontinuity as well. Between all who came before and Jesus is an infinite difference.”

FYII apologize for the often fragmented ramblings where "answers should be." It's harder than I anticipated to record the ideas and commentary from the class in a coherent manner while still leading the discussion. 
Yeah, I know that sounds like whining

Hebrews 2
Vv 5-18

Verses 1-4 include the first of 5 warnings throughout this book. Keep track! We didn't get to the warning this week. I'll try to remember to start there next Sunday.

Overarching thought this week

The is only one Divine Will, God's. 
Jesus interpreted that will. 
The Holy Spirit applies that will.

1.  The thing that's clear is it's not angels who are to be in charge. By verse 8, humanity is the answer we agreed upon.
2. Psalm 45:6-8 is the closest match. Other verses listed in footnotes for Hebrews 2:6-8 include: Psalm 8:45, Psalm 102:26-26, Psalm 110:1, Psalm 8:5-7, 1 Corinthians 15:27.

     Key observation: Some translations use "a little lower than the angels" for humanity's state. Others use "lower for a little while."

3. Contradictions were hard to find. The best we did was spiritual vs physical.
We were confounded.
4. Christ's death provided freedom from sin for all, payment of sin for  humanity. Jesus died, but was resurrected. Jesus was fully obedient to the Father. A "taste of death" implies the resurrection. Jesus did not stay dead. Why: He was obedient, a sacrifice, to taste death to gain the complete human experience. See Romans 5:17 and John 8:51

5. We kind of lumped this with the above. Additional items included: The Awesomeness of God. Starting in verse 5, "What is man?"

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